Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fort Worth Stock Show

As a part of our museum membership, we get to get into the Fort Worth Stock Show for free. Some of our friends from The Gathering have memberships too, so we all went together. I've lived in the Fort Worth area for the majority of my life, but this was the first time for me to go. Bret had been a few times, but only as a little kid. So of course, our boys had never been either. We were all excited!

We sat on tractors,

got to pet Borden's Elsie the cow,

saw tons of chickens,

got to pet another cow - this time a show heifer,

and even got a real cream soda! (Think that's a crazy pose for a picture? Well, that's the best it got - because they were crazy!)

We saw all kinds of other things, and even got to watch a magic show and eat some popcorn and cotton candy. But then our visit was cut a little short by complaints of upset tummies. It was okay though - it was fun, and now we all know what it's all about!
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Bonnie said...

Can't imagine upset tummies with all that nutritious and delicious fair food! I didn't even know you guys had gone...Serendipity to museum membership! ..and so glad you got to go with friends. Can't beat that!