Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doubled Eggs

Micah has been asking for "hard-boiled eggs" lately. I've been reluctant to make them - no one usually eats them. But Micah usually knows what he wants, and kept on and kept on and kept on asking, so I finally made them. But knowing that just plain boiled eggs might not appeal to his palate so much, I decided to go ahead and boil a dozen and make some deviled eggs.

I had actually never made them before, so I called Mom to get my MeeMaw's recipe. (And some advice on how to easily peel those tricky "home-grown" eggs!) MeeMaw loved mayonnaise, and anything that had lots of it in it...so deviled eggs turned up at holiday gatherings pretty regularly. I guess they're one of those things that will always make me think of her.

Mom is so good to try to make sure and pass on meaningful stories - there's no way they'll be remembered if they're not told! So she made sure to tell me a funny about deviled eggs that she and Dad and MeeMaw got a good laugh out of: One day not long after they had been married, Mom made some deviled eggs for Dad. They got to talking about what all was in them - Dad's a Miracle Whip fan, MeeMaw was a mayo fan, so Mom had used a little of both. She also mentioned that hers were different from her mother's because she put a little bit of mustard in them too. Dad quickly remarked, "Well your mother puts mustard in them too - they're awfully yellow like this!" ...and then about as quick as he said it, he realized what he had said and why they're yellow. :)

It loses a little bit in the retelling of the retelling...but the important thing is that it was a story that Mom and Dad and MeeMaw (and PeePaw too, I'm sure) laughed about it countless times through the years. And it helps me remember little things, like that MeeMaw really liked mayonnaise - like I do.

But anyway...back to our deviled eggs. I told the boys I was making them, and built it up pretty big. Bret was pretty excited too. Deviled eggs are one of those things we just don't think about very often, and they really sounded good. The boys got in on it, and couldn't wait to try "doubled eggs."

Lots of times, after a big build up like that, the new item ends up being a big let down. But not these. Micah loved them! And so did Conner and Josiah. (And so did Bret and I!)
It's nice to take a trip down memory lane every now and then...even if it's someone else's memory lane. Because then it becomes your own memory. And now, maybe "doubled eggs" will trigger some memories for my kids, too.


The recipe, as requested! (Sorry there aren't any specific amounts - it all depends on how many eggs you have...)

MeeMaw's Deviled Eggs

Boil and peel your eggs. (Mom has great tips here!) Half them, and set the yolks aside in a bowl, and the whites on a plate. Mix into the yolks some:

Mayo and/or Miracle Whip

Fill the egg white halves with this mixture. (I like to do this by putting it all into a ziplock bag, cutting off the corner, and then neatly squeezing it all out.) Garnish by sprinkling it all with a little bit of paprika.

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Bonnie said...

Awesome! Thanks for preserving this memory!

kelleyspies said...

So... what's the recipe? :)