Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dad's Knight Out

Tonight was Dad's Night at Josiah's preschool. It's an annual thing, and the kids get to enjoy an evening of dinner, games, crafts, and a devotional - just "me and dad." This year's theme was "Dad's Knight Out."

Josiah has been anxiously looking forward to this, counting down the days. This morning he decided that he wanted to wear his spiderman costume...and he wanted Dad to wear his butterfly costume. I told him that he could probably be spiderman, but that he would have to talk to his dad about being a butterfly. ;)

Things are little bit different since I'm his teacher. Moms aren't really invited, but teachers have to be there. So both Josiah's mom and teacher were there...which meant that both of his older brothers were there too, poor kid. But we did what we could to make it special for him. (Even though he had to share his dinner with us, Josiah was the only one that got to go with Dad to get it. He even got to help order! And when they were finished eating, Conner and Micah had to go sit in a little corner and play games and read books instead of doing Josiah's special activities.)

When the time came, he had forgotten all about the costumes. (Bret was so relieved!) He was too excited about going to get some chicken at Chicken Express!

In class for the past couple of weeks, we've worked hard on a special card for Dad. (It's a pop-up card!)

Then Josiah and Dad got to play a few games and make a craft. They spent most of their time at the craft table - decorating a sword and a shield!

You make a great king, Josiah, (that's his "kingly" look)

and you've learned well from your big brothers - you certainly know how to put your sword to great use! :)
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Bonnie said...

I'll bet Bret was glad! At this event, you could REALLY call him King Josiah and it not just be a pet name!