Sunday, January 8, 2012



We haven't really messed with sports for the boys much...we tried it once, and then decided we'd do it again when/if they ever started asking to do it. Well...the day has finally come. So we signed Conner up for Upward basketball. We had heard really good things about it, and love the non-competitive nature of it. Plus, Conner has gotten to go to basketball camp for the past couple of summers, so basketball makes a lot of sense. And after a couple of weeks of practices, yesterday was Conner's first game!

Everyone has been excited. Conner's been practicing everyday recess, BooBoo and Yogi came to watch, Micah made a sign,

and I made me a shirt.

At the 2nd grade age-level, they don't keep score. And I was pretty well occupied with watching Conner, operating both the camera and the video, holding Josiah, and talking to Mom. But I'm pretty sure that the Cougars scored the most points. :) Conner didn't make any baskets, but he did make some really god passes, got to throw the ball in,

and got to dribble down the court a couple of times.

Here's a little video clip that I got. Conner's not doing much except trying to get open...but I'm thinking that when I get some more video at his last game in a couple of months, we might even see some improvement on that! :)

Micah is such a good little supporter and encourager. He's decided that Conner is no longer a Cougar, he's now a "Cool-gar." We can't wait for next week's game!

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Gammie said...

Yay! SO exciting! Hope to come up for at least one or two games...

Gammie said...

p.s. love, love, love the shirt!!