Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came!

We put out the reindeer food,

and goodies for Santa,

and went to bed cuddling and smelling new Scentsy buddies while listening to Dad read the real Christmas story,

and dreaming of bikes, "fish pillows", Slushy Magic, and ice cream maker balls.

When Bret and I were growing up, Santa did different things at our houses. At Bret's house, Santa didn't wrap anything. Whenever the kids woke up, be it 7AM or 2AM, they went running into the living room to see what Santa brought, and then went running into their parents' room to tell them.

At my house, Santa's wrapping was always really cute and usually more elaborate than the other things that had been under the tree before. And even though Santa's gifts were wrapped, we were not allowed to even go into the living room until after Mom and Dad were up, and after we had eaten breakfast...which often seemed like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Santa has made a compromise at our house. He leaves his gifts unwrapped, but often adds bows. Bret always sleeps in the bedroom - he likes for the kids to come running in and wake him up. I sleep on the couch in the living room - I like to see and hear the excitement when they see what Santa has brought.

So at 2AM, Josiah came wandering into the living room and said, "Wow, Santa brought bikes for 'Guys!'" Then, without even looking closer to see what Santa left for him, he crawled up on the couch with me and went back to sleep. :) Then at about 5:45, "Guys" (that's how Josiah often refers to his big brothers collectively) came running in.

And sure enough, there were bikes, (Totally exciting - the one we have only has hand brakes, which they aren't really strong enoug to use.)

Slushy Magics, just like from the infomercials (wow, Santa must really love those kids to have gone through that process),

and Josiah's "fish pillow" - just like he had seen at Cabela's. (Good grief - just what we needed, another huge stuffed animal...

There was also an ice cream maker ball. It's a ball that, after you put ice cream base and ice in, you roll it around to each other, and it makes ice cream. They had seen it in a magazine. We didn't get to try it until the next day at Gammie's, but man oh man, was it a hit!

There were a few other things, too...

Alvin and the Chipmunks had left a special Magic TV story on Conner's iPod,

Scentsy warmers (yes, they really did ask for them!),

New robes (yes, they asked for those, too!)

and bulletin boards. They had been taping all of their beautiful artwork all over the walls in every room of the house, and it wasa obviously time for everyone to have a special place to hang their own stuff. I remember that one year my brother and sisters and I all got bulletin boards, too. I hope we were as excited about those then as my boys are! :)

There was - huge surprise - a new game for the xBox!

...and then there were the Peppermint Village gifts. Each of the boys got a few dollars to do their own shopping and the little store at their school. (And Josiah got to go to the Dollar Store with me.) I love these gifts, because they're always so excited and proud of them - I want them to know how wonderful it is to give!
Then they played a little while I fixed breakfast, and shook up some chocolate milk slushies to go with it,

and went outside and rode their new bikes.

...and then we packed up and headed off to Gammie and Poppy's for another Christmas adventure...

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Gammie said...

What a great Christmas! Thank You for painting such a great picture! It's as though we are there with y'all!
I really don't think Josiah needs a bike. That little toot runs FAST! lol