Friday, December 2, 2011

Josiah's Butterfly Costume

We're still not real sure why...but the other day Josiah decided that he wanted to wear a butterfly costume. I told him that we couldn't go and buy one, but that I would be happy to help him make one. (Hey, who says boys can't be butterflies?!)

So I cut a butterfly shape out of some posterboard, and he spend a day or two painting,

and another day gluing on feathers. (Yes, we know that real butterflies don't have feathers. But this butterfly costume does!)

Finally, his costume was dried and ready. He needed to be able to flap the wings, so we figured out how to make some little handles with pipe cleaners, and he was good to go! You make a cute little butterfly, Mr. Josiah!!
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Bonnie said...

...and you are great at helping to make wishes come true!