Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread House...Demolition

It's become a Christmas tradition for our family to make a gingerbread house. And yes, I cheat - we always use the kits that you buy at the grocery store. And yes, I cheat even more than that - BooBoo always buys it for us. And I'm so thankful for those things, because I'm pretty sure we wouldn't do it otherwise! :) The boys worked very hard. Each one - including Bret - got his own side of the house to decorate.

But boys will be boys...even while they were tediously putting icing and candies in just the right spot, they were asking when they could "explode" the gingerbread house. I told them that there wouldn't be any explosions in the kitchen, so they settled for "demolish." I told them we'd see.

A few years ago, young Jo-Zilla climbed up onto the table and almost demolished the gingerbread house. That was tragic!
(Aw, look at him. He's so cute - in a terrifying sort of way!)

But this year, demolishing our hard work sounded fantastic. They talked about it and anxiously anticipated it for days. So I decided that tonight was the night. We took one last picture of our beautiful gingerbread house...

 and then they grabbed their forks and dug in!

They quickly discovered however, that this was to be no simple task. The house was rock-hard. (Huh, maybe Mom was right!) They started pouding with their forks. I was prepared to go the emergency room to have a fork removed from someone's hand or face or - as things typically go around here - to deal with a knocked out tooth. But they did good! There were actually no injuries!

They paused every now and then to eat a gumdrop or other candy.

It was so funny to watch. They'd pound and pound...and stop to examine little holes where they had made some progress...and pound and pound and pound...and then one whole section of the house would give way and everyone would stop in shock, almost like they were afraid they had done something terrible.

And then a split second later, laughter - the contagious kind that comes from the bottom of your belly - would erupt.

I actually managed to get a little video with my phone:


Sure, we made a mess. But these boys were entertained for over an hour. It was great!

I had told them from the very beginning that demolition projects were usually pretty messy, and they would be responsible for the clean-up. And here's the best part - they did it. No whining or arguing or complaining, when they were done they just got the broom and cleaned up. It was beautiful!

Demolition just may become a part of our gingerbread house tradition. How perfect for a house full of boys!
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Bonnie said...

How perfect! So glad you got the video! From it we could all see why you were fearful of a stab wound! :) So glad THAT didn't happen. Yes, yes, yes! This does make a perfect ending for that houseful of boys!

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