Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with the Conners

We got to celebrate Christmas with the Conner family last night. I love that, even though MeeMaw and PeePaw are no longer with us, we still manage to all get together. As has become tradition, we went to my Uncle Bubba and Aunt Stephy's house, and just had some plain ol' fun.

We decorated cookies.

We enjoyed new babies. This is Cate, my cousin Caleb's daughter.

And this is Jodi's baby, Bonnie. (And Kelley - who was here last year as Ira's brand-new finace, so she isn't really new...but it was her first year to be "official.") Hmmm...wonder if there will be any new babies next year?? ;)

We tried to get a picture of all the kids - but with seven of them ages 8 and under...well...this was about as good as it got. :) From right to left: Griffin Robey (Lydia's), Micah Wells (mine), Christian Conner (Caleb's), Catherine Conner (Caleb's), Conner Wells (mine), Bonnie Bishop (Jodi's), and Josiah Wells (mine)

The adults played the gift exchange game with gift cards. And the kids, of course, got lots more presents. Josiah put his grabber to good use. "Gotcha, Uncle Bubba!"

And with five little boys running around, of course there was wrestling, "sword" fights,

and lots of noise from and giggling about the whoopie cushions.

And with that, we're finally putting Christmas 2011 in the books. Merry Christmas, sweet family! As always, we hope it won't be another whole year before we see you all again...
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Bonnie said...

Yes, and this tradition got started after we were Meemaw had lung cancer and she should just gather her family around and enjoy...
It did end up being mom's last Christmas here on Earth... but gathering family and enjoying is a nice lesson to live by even if you don't have a scary, could-be-fatal disease.