Monday, November 14, 2011

School Board Honoree

Each elementary school's own Reading Bee Champion was recognized at tonight's school board meeting. They got to wear their medals, have their names called out, and stand in front of everyone there. Pretty cool. At one point, when the speaker was talking about how smart they all have to be to earn this honor, he asked if any of them planned to be president someday. All of the kids just kind of looked at him, either shy or blank expressions on their faces. Except Conner. He proudly raised his hand, eagerly jumping up and down. Good grief. ;)

After the meeting we went to Braum's, as is becoming our celebration custom, to get some ice cream cones. And yes, here's Stribling Elementary's Reading Bee Champion, Burleson ISD's Reading Bee Runner-Up, the second best 2nd grade reader in Burleson, future president of the United States...who is really just an eight-year-old kid who still can't eat ice cream without getting it all over his face. Love it. Love him!

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Bonnie said...

What a super well-rounded kid! That's kind of what makes him stand out above the crowd. Or could I be prejudice? Maybe a little... but I know I speak the truth! :)