Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Jack the Elf

We've been seeing and hearing people talking about them for a couple of years now. It seems they're all the rage. And now, an Elf on the Shelf has finally found its way into our house, too.

We got a package in the mail from Gammie yesterday. In it was the Elf on the Shelf book, which we read at bedtime. The boys were very excited - they had been hearing about them, too. We were about halfway through the story when Josiah looked up at the shelf in his room and caught his breath. "Look, guys! There's an Elf on the Shelf! We have one, too!!!!" The book reading had to pause temporarily for all the whooping and hollering to die down. :)

Agreeing on a name was quite a task. We finally decided that our elf's name is "Jack." Josiah can call him "Jack-Mom" if he really wants too...but his real name is just "Jack."

And sure enough, this morning when the boys woke up, they found him in a different spot than last night. Today he was on top of the kitchen cabinets, where the play swords, stick horses, golf clubs, and anything else that might become a weapon live.
Welcome to our home, Jack / Jack-Mom! We hope to provide you with nothing but good reports to give to Santa, and look forward to finding you in all kinds of fun places!
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