Monday, November 14, 2011

Fiddler Crab Escape!

A week or so ago, some of the boys' fish - Phineas and Buford - died. The wellsbrothers were sad - melodramatically so. "Can you see this tear? It's my 297th one." But that was over pretty quickly when they realized that they could go get new fish.

Micah quickly found a really cool ghost catfish - you can see right through him. He looks kind of like a fish skeleton.

And then we saw some fiddler crabs. Conner was in love. The crabs were in an aquarium, just like the fish. All the facts and care instructions looked very similar to those for the fish. The price was about the same. I figured, "Hey, why not"?"

So we took Ghost and Snappy home and dumped them in with the other fish. And everything was fine. For a couple of days, anyway...

Then one day I went in to check on the fish as usual, and I couldn't find Snappy. I figured he was just hiding, so I checked back again several times throughout the day. I still couldn't find him. By this point I figured he was dead, I just couldn't imagine where his body might be.

Later in the day, Josiah was looking for a very specific ball. I suggested that we look where it was supposed to be - the ball bucket. Now, the ball bucket sits in Josiah's room, right next to the dresser that the aquarium sits on. We dumped out all of the balls and began sorting through them, looking for Josiah's ball...and found Snappy! Not only was he in the ball bucket, but he was alive! Apparently he found a way to crawl out of the aquarium. And apparently he can live on both land and water!

I immediately scooped him up into a bowl and called Bret, but it took me forever to explain to him what had happened - I was literally speechless. We laughed and laughed and laughed...and then googled Fiddler Crabs. We learned a lot - fiddler crabs can live in both water and on the land. And pet stores often sell them as merely water creatures. And fiddler crab owners often find themselves frustrated because the crabs start getting desperate for a little air and then find a way out.


We ended up sticking Snappy back into the water, closing up the place we thought he got out of, and ran to Walmart. Now Snappy has a separate aquarium (the original smaller one), shallower water, a little tiki guy that he can crawl on...and a friend named Crabby. :)

Good grief. We'll see if we got it right this time...
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Bonnie said...

funny how kids can get you interested in learning about something that you never really wanted to know....