Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cub Scouts at the Fire Station

Tonight Conner's Cub Scout pack was learning about community helpers, so we got to go to a fire house! (And no, these pictures aren't the best - I forgot my camera and was thrilled that I at least had my phone...) We have been to the fire house before, and even got to help wash the fire trucks. But this time we got to watch as they raised the big ladder all the way up in the air. Very cool.

Then the kids actually got to go into the backseat of the firetruck - in one door, all the way through and out the other!

The firemen also talked to the boys about fire safety, and what all they actually do. Thank you, BFD for all that you do to help our community!

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Bonnie said...

Complete with a family portrait! Can't beat that!