Sunday, November 13, 2011

Conner's in the Newspaper!

Wowee zowee, Conner was in the newspaper today!!! There is a picture and an article about him and his Reading Bee accomplishments!

"When 8-year-old Conner Wells found out his great-grandfather had high blood pressure, he went straight to his second grade teacher, Cindy Joy, to learn everything he could about it.

"He always comes up to me and asks, 'Mrs. Joy, can I take this book home?'" Joy said. "He's taken everything home, including a medical dictionary.

The Stribling Elementary School student is a big reader. He was named the Burleson ISD's Reading Bee runner-up after he and nine other second-graders participated in the district Reading Bee competition. Part of the No Child Left Behind initiative, the competition is held at the district level across Texas. Conner represented Stribling as he read three passages for two judges Oct 17-18.

"I was kind of nervous because I've never been in front of judges," Conner said.

To practice for the competition, Conner was given stories to read as homework.

"Mrs. Joy sent me a ginormous book of stories to get ready for [the Reading Bee]," Conner said. "I read mostly sixth grade stories."

Conner was grinning from ear to ear when he found out about being the runner-up, Conner's father, Bret, said. He never expected to go this far in the competition, but his love for books is apparent, Bret said.

"I love reading," Conner said. "It's one of my favorite activities."

His favorite books include "39 Clues" and "Magic Tree House," and he recently finished a book about Mark Twain.

Conner knows exactly how many Accelerated Reading Program points he has - 55.4 as of Thursday. He has been a self-taught reader since he was 4, and takes after his father.

"I'm the book nerd," Bret said. "I sort of did the same thing when I was a kid."

Joy said she's never had to worry about keeping Conner busy.

"He's always got a book in his hand," she said.

Joy also describes Conner as a humble, curious kid. And an all-around learner.

"Conner really likes learning things," Joy said. "From sports to animals, he's always carrying around a sports encyclopedia or an animal encyclopedia."

Bret and his wife, Rachel, a preschool teacher, have already noticed some quirks about their son.

"He's a hugger, we've already learned," he said. "He's very confident, somewhat extroverted, which is an interesting combinations, to be bookish and extroverted."

When he's not reading, Conner is usually playing with his two younger brothers, 6-year-old Micah and 3-year-old Josiah.

"They really like to play karate with me," he said."

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