Friday, August 12, 2011

Individualizing School Uniforms

School uniforms: Controversial. Boring. Pricey. Uncomfortable. I mean, they do have some not having many decisions to make about what to wear each day, and not having to buy as many articles of school clothing. But what kid, constantly growing and learning, with an ever-developing sense of self wants to wear the same old polo and khaki pants everyday? Not my incoming kindergartener, that's for sure. Something needed to be done...

 Now, there's not much room for a kid to express himself within all the rules and regulations. But I can't find anything about what's inside the pockets. What better place to hide a cool little friend?!

So we got to work. I had my boys choose a few "secrets" (animals, phrases, and other cool items) to put in their pockets. Then I cut them out of heat transfer vinyl with my silhouette, and ironed them into the boys' pockets.

Now they can simply put their hand in their pockets and feel the smooth edges of the "secret" and remember how much their mama loves 'em...or slyly grin about what they're getting away with...or more likely pull their pockets out and show off to their friends!

...and since it's been such an issue at my house...and I wasn't able to find much help - especially for boys, since the accessories aren't as much of an option...I created...Pocket Secrets!
Now there is some excitement about new school clothes in our house, and we may be back to the days of having a hard time deciding which pair of shorts we should wear on the first day of school... :)

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Bonnie said...

super exciting for all of you! You are a very clever, creative young woman who love those little guys very much! (...and I love you!) I certainly wish you well in your little business venture!

Andy said...

Awesome idea, I hope God blesses your new venture.

Uniforms suppliers said...
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