Sunday, August 28, 2011

A 2nd Grader and a Kindergartener

Can't believe I've got a 2nd grader and a kindergartener this year. There's no way my kids are that old!

We had a little bit of drama surrounding Meet the Teacher - but aside from the blood we're all okay, and the boys are both very pleased with their teachers. We prayed all summer for the teachers that would be the best for our boys...and we thank God already for being faithful, and for the growth and learning and good times that lie ahead of us.

Josiah, bless his heart, is finally figuring out that he's missing out on something. He cried when he realized that he wasn't getting to go to school today too, but was pretty easy to cheer up with the suggestion of wearing his new tennis shoes and new backpack.

After the big decision of which Pocket Secrets to wear (Conner chose his pirate booty and Micah chose his penguin!), Conner walked in like an old pro, quickly stashing his backpack and eagerly diving into the language arts textbook in his desk.
I thought we were never going to get Josiah out of Conner's classroom after he found the stuffed tiger!
Micah's teacher didn't let us into the classroom. She took him at the door, I snapped my picture, gave him a high-five (kisses are waaaay too embarrassing!), walked away, and the tears that I thought I was so doing so good to hold at bay spilled over.
By the time the school day was over, I had one of hose headaches that comes from holding back tears for way too long. ...but my big boy came walking out with this rockin' little hat that he had made. (He's not scowling, the sun's just in his eyes.)
And then Conner came out a few minutes later, reporting an awesome day too. I could have done without the 30 minutes of homework my baby had on the first day of kindergarten...but all in all it was a terrific day!
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Bret Wells said...

That tiger looks like its posing for the picture...a little creepy if you ask me...

Lee, Michelle, Cooper 4 and Allie 3 said...

They look so grown up! Yep - we're really this old :)

Lydia said...

holy moly your kids are big!! and cute!! Love you sis!

Bonnie said...

Just now getting to catching up on missed time...Beautiful pictures! Awesome guys! Incredible mom!...
...and that Josiah does have a preference for striped kitty-cats, doesn't he?