Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Rest of Our July 4th

Wow, it was a full one! After the parade we went swimming with some friends. They were house sitting for some folks who have a nice little backyard pool - with a diving board! (A very exciting recent discovery.)
Then after some pizza and a long nap we were ready for some more excitement. So we got some snow cones and headed out to see some fireworks. We, of course, had to wait awhile for it to get dark enough. But between the snow cones, the board games we brought, popcorn, and a couple of rounds of Simon Says with the folks sitting next to us, we managed to stay entertained!

It was a great fireworks show! Our favorites were a kind I had never seen before - they actually made smiley faces in the sky! Josiah was a little scared by the noise. He hid in the truck for about half the show.
And what better way to end a very long, very full, very fun day than on a pallet in the living room?!

Happy Independence Day to everyone! We're so thankful for all those who have sacrificed so much so that we can have fun days like this.

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