Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Confidence = a Big Transformation

It would be an understatement to say this post is a bit overdue. It is about one of the very most exciting parts of our summer.

You see, at the beginning of the summer, Micah would only get in the swimming pool with his puddlejumper life jacket on. We spent the majority of last summer telling him that if he would just believe in himself, have some confidence, he could take the silly thing off and swim. But he never did, so we started this summer off the same way.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we swam in a friend's pool. Their shallow end was a little bit bigger, with a more gradual drop than the Myers' pool that we usually swim in. And, it wasn't just us. There were other kids there - and Micah did not want them to see him wearing a floatie. So he didn't wear it. He stayed in the shallow end, happily playing where he could safely touch.

But if you watched carefully, you could see that he was experimenting. Little by little, always within arm's reach of the side, he began to see just how well he could keep his head above the water. Eventually, he was swimming. Not for long, and not very far...but he was beginning to build that confidence.

And then the first two weeks after school was out, we took swimming lessons. Nothing ground breaking happened during these lessons as far as Micah was concerned...except that for a few minutes each day, his confidence was built just a little bit further. So much so that about halfway through the lessons, one day when we were at Mrs. Debbie's pool, Micah asked to swim without his floatie. And he did great! Once again, he never ventured out of the shallow end...but by the time we were through, he was no longer staying within arm's reach of the sides of the pool, either. We ended the weekend with a five-year-old who was fully confident in his ability to swim where he could touch the bottom. (And parents who were fully confident in his ability to swim in water of any depth.)

And then we had another week of swimming lessons. Slowly, slowly, one day at a time...building his confidence little by little...practicing, practicing, practicing...

And the next weekend we were swimming at Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie's pool again. And Bret finally talked Micah into swimming in the deep end. He swam all the way across on his first try...and our little fish was born. He was everywhere.

The next weekend we swam in a pool with a diving board. And you guessed it - he jumped off the diving board with no fear. In four weeks we went from life jacket to diving board, a transformation that was amazing and inspiring to watch unfold.

Micah-Moo-Magoo we are so proud of you and so very excited for all the swimming fun you have had and will have in the years to come.

...and now I can't help but wonder what other kinds of transformations you - and I - might be capable of with a little confidence...

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Gammie said...

Oh that Moo...We are so proud of you!!! We knew you could do it. We are just so excited that you know you can do it!!!
I can't wait to see what you tackle next:D

Lee, Michelle, Cooper 4 and Allie 3 said...

What a great story! Our faith in God is just like your little fish, just one step at a time and then we just jump in and trust Christ with it all.

Andy said...

Wow, I remember when I first learned to swim and went thruogh the deep end without any help. one of the many BIG confidence boosters in my early life. Thanks for continuing to share ya'lls journey in life with so many. Congratulations Micah.

Bonnie said...

It has been awesome to watch! Micah, you are doing SO great! ...and yes, there are many big life lessons that can be learned through this little story for young AND old alike!