Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ravioli Wednesday

When I started teaching preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays last September, lunch/afternoon naps were an issue. School was over at 12:15, I had to stay for a litle while to clean up, then I had to feed Micah and Josiah, get Josiah down for as long a nap as possible, and then leave to get Conner around 2:40.

My solution was to just pack lunches for the boys. That way they could eat while I was cleaning up, and then Josiah was so tired by the time we were on our way home that he almost always fell asleep in the van. He usually got to sleep for about an hour and a half before I had to wake him up to go get Conner. It was a pretty perfect plan.

But Micah went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. By the second week of school, he decided that he really liked eating lunch in my classroom, and when that second Wednesday rolled around and we headed home for lunch, he was NOT happy.

I tried to explain, but he was set on eating lunch in my room every day that he went to school. Finally I told him that he could have ravioli (a recently discovered favorite at the time) for lunch at home, and that it wouldn't work very well in a lunchbox. That seemed to fixed everything.

So now, ten months later, even though school has been out for a few weeks, we are still having ravioli for lunch on Wednesdays. I think there have only been about two Wednesdays that I have forgotten - one during the Christmas holidays, and one just last week. But both times he eventually remembered and "got on to" me. :)

On that day back in September, I had absolutely no idea that "Ravioli Wednesday" would become the animal that it is today...but it has worked like a charm! And left some pretty cool memories. :)
(And today we even invited our stuffed animal friends to eat with us!)
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Gammie said...

Yay!! I love little "unplanned" traditions. They're the best:)
Enjoy every moment! greatbighugs,kisses,muah!

Heidi said...

My kids love ravioli and I never remember it when I'm making my grocery list. Maybe we should start a day like's cheap and easy!

Bonnie said...

I love that you can make the very simple so very special! It's what Moms do best! Hooray for Ravioli Wednesday!!