Thursday, June 23, 2011

Basketball Camp

Conner got to go to basketball camp at BooBoo and Yogi's again...and this time Micah got to go, too! They stayed in Glen Rose with BooBoo and Yogi for the whole week, and Josiah and I got to come see that last day of basketball camp. It felt a little weird and kind of cool - they were having camp in the same gym I used to play basketball in during junior high. It's been redone, of course, and now it's named for my late 8th grade history teacher. (At least I think it was 8th grade.) Crazy.

It's amazing how much they can learn in a few days like that! They practiced all kinds of stuff, including shooting baskets,

and dribbling - even in formation around cones! (I don't think Micah could dribble much at all before basketball camp!)

They were so excited to see Josiah that even let him sit with them and their friends at snack time - and had to let him sit in the middle because they both wanted to sit by him. :)

Then we ended the week with a couple of handfuls of blue ribbons. Awesome!

Thanks, BooBoo and Yogi! We can't wait to see what these boys will do with all of their skills someday! post signature

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Bonnie said...

It's absolutely amazing to see how much Micah has grown up since BB camp! That was a fun week that I hope can be repeated!