Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Clean Banana

Last night as I was transferring my load of clean laundry out of the washing machine and into the dryer, I picked the last article of clothing up off the floor of the washing machine and heard a thud. What in the world?? When I peered in to investigate, I was shocked to see a half of a banana.

It was still in the peel, relatively undamaged, except for the one end where it had been cut. I hadn't seen any banana goo on the clothes as I had put them in the dryer, but obviously, there had to be some goo somewhere. So I threw the banana away, and put the clothes back in to the washer to be rewashed, all the while pondering the origins of this mysterious banana.

I remembered that I had put half a banana on each of the boys' plates at lunch...and had then handed the reins over to Bret, as I went into the bedroom to work on my lesson plans. Shortly after lunch they had gone to the playground. Had he let one of them put a banana in their pocket for later?? Who did I need to talk to about what is/is not okay to put in your pocket, and about emptying your pockets before putting your shorts in the laundry?

..but Bret had told me that they all ate their lunch very well. Had one of them tried to be sneaky and hide the banana to get out of eating it?

I continued to retrace the steps of the day. I remembered that at dinner, there had been one lonely little half-banana left on the table where the rest of them had been before I had cut them in half for lunch. And then I remembered that Joey had spilled his drink on the tablecloth. And I remembered hurriedly pulling the tablecloth off the table to put it in the laundry, and thinking that the juice Joey had spilled on it had made it noticeably heavier...

except apparently it was the banana. So it was ME that put the banana in the wash. I'm so thankful that it still had the peel on it, and it didn't make a HUGE mess! :) Hopefully that's the worst of my laundry messes for awhile, no frogs going through the wash like Bret made his mother deal with...
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Bret Wells said...

Aren't you glad you didn't accuse your saintly husband or angelic children? certainly wouldn't have had any precedence to justify jumping to such conclusions.

Gammie said...

hahahahahaha! I'm so sorry, but all I can do is laugh:) Thankfully, there wasn't any damage caused by this lone banana. Unlike a certain frog and a very upset little boy :(