Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fudge Factory

We spent yesterday morning in the kitchen making fudge. We didn't really have any idea how much fudge we were going to need, so we thought we'd start with three batches (9 pounds). We're so glad that sweet Aunt Jodi and Baby Bonnie came over to help!

Though I've definitely eaten my share, I don't know if I had ever made fudge - if so, it was as a kid with Mom's help. I was a little nervous about this whole endeavor, but it's turning out okay! At first, everyone wanted to stir. (Micah is wiggling the loose tooth that he is very proud of. Don't worry, we stayed on top of the hand-washing! :)We actually had to set a timer - one minute of stirring at a time. That lasted longer than I thought it would - but there's a lot of stirring involved in three batches of fudge. Joey and Micah dropped out pretty quickly. But Conner stuck with it pretty good...until the last batch. Finding the lines between encouraging/expecting him to complete his own project and not completely burning him out the first rattle out of the box was a little difficult. But I think we ended up coming pretty close. He dumped and stirred and stirred and dumped...and still found a little time to play.

When we weren't stirring, everyone, of course, wanted a turn with newest Cousin Bonnie!...and no one seemed to get too tired of fudge to help lick the bowl!And when it cooled, I cut it up into 1/2-pound chunks, and we wrapped it all up ready to sell. By the end of the Saturday, Conner had already made $495 to give to Japan. We're so proud of him!!

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Jodi said...

Thanks for letting me come to "help" y'all! Bonnie and I enjoyed it! So proud of your whole crew!

Bonnie said...

As I am so proud of that Conner-bug! Anyway, I'm so, so happy to read of this even if it's way after the fact. Thanks for preserving the memory for me, my Rachel, dear!!