Monday, April 4, 2011

Creative Worship

Bret came home from work this morning with an excerpt from a book, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in Twelve Simple Words by Brian McLaren, that he just couldn't wait for me to read. It was a little long to quote here, but the gist of it was this: your creativity is a gift from God and your use of it could/should be worship. God is a creative God - just look at what all he made.

So we, being made in his image, all have some creativity somewhere within us. It may be in painting or crafting or sewing or scrapbooking or writing or singing or cooking or fashion sense or planning or parenting or problem solving or teaching or anything, really. Some of us may enjoy using it more than others, but we all have it.

And for many of us, when sharing the fruits of our creativity, the thought of someone belittling our creation is more than we can bear, so we go ahead and take the first stab at it, saying things like: "Well, it didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to," and the like. McLaren says that this is like, when a child draws a picture for his mother and gives it to her saying it's not very good. More often than not, the mother praises the child and the drawing and then hangs it on the fridge for everyone to see, where it will stay for who knows how long.

God has given us our own unique creativity, and longs to see us use it and enjoy it and share it with his other children. When we do this, we give God the gift of watching us - much the was a parent finds pure delight in watching his children play and learn and create together. Worship!

So he encourages us to create, to find and use the creativity God has given us, to share it with others, to acknowledge that this is pleasing to God, and to worship in this way. Wow. How touching to my heart and soul, and incredibly timely in it's delivery, as I'm just diving back into doing just that!

And then, as if on cue, Micah announced that he wanted to make Easter egg "plush toys" (his new word for stuffed animals - which he is absolutely obsessed with) today. I explained that I didn't have any "plush" with which to make "plush toys," but if he would draw two Easter eggs on a piece of paper, I would show him how we could make a "stuffed animal" out of it. He was hooked.

He made plans to make "Easter egg stuffed animals" for everyone in our family, and more for me to decorate my classroom with. He got out his favorite markers and began to create. And I worshipped as I watched and enjoyed - and am worshiping again as I put my experience to words and share it with others.

Micah ended up getting tired after only two - one for him and one for Cousin Griffin (who stays with us on Mondays and Wednesdays), but he managed to give me a memory I'm sure to remember for a very long time.
(Don't eat it, Griffin! :)

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Lydia said...

Dear Micah: I showed my mommy the Easter egg plush toy you made me today and she loved it! She said it was very beautiful and that you were a wonderful big cousin to create such a cool present for me. I told her I already knew that! Then I tried to eat the egg again and she told me that maybe you would help me learn not to eat Easter egg plush toys, but to eat eggs from Yogi and BooBoo...or maybe candy ones when I have more teeth. Thanks for being my greatest middle big cousin!!I love you,

Gammie said...

Awesome job Micah and Rachel:) Those are wonderful "plush" eggs.

Gammie said...

and Rachel, we are so happy that you are back to sharing your creative gifts with us here on the blog:) You have been blessed with an abundance of gifts and we are very blessed that you share them with us! lovehugsandkisses! muah!