Friday, January 21, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Conner's Cub Scout Pack had a pinewood derby tonight. Each scout was given a box with a block of wood, 4 wheels, and 4 nails several weeks ago. Then they all designed and built their cars, and got to race them tonight.

This was our first go at it so obviously, we didn't really have any idea what we were doing. Plus, Bret has been very busy. Plus, Conner has been pretty sick with strep throat several times since they got their car kits. So what ended up happening was Bret and Conner staying up late a couple of nights this week hurrying to get the car finished.

Here they are painting,
and here's their finished product:
We didn't have very high hopes of Conner's truck, which he named "Red Neck Racer," actually doing very well. But we knew that the real point was for him to get to design and build a car with his dad, and learn a little bit about what all goes into it. And that was definitely accomplished.

 Here's Red Neck Racer at the impound with some of the competition.

The way the races work, is four cars race at a time. Each time your car comes in last, you get an "x" on your card. When you get two "x's", you're out. But when the races started, Red Neck Racer won.

And won again. And won again. Until all the other cars had two "x's," and he was the last man standing. What a surprise!

So Conner got a trophy. Waaaaaaay exciting!!!!!

He also got a ribbon for "Most Creative Design."

...and we got to stay until all of the other dens finished their races, so that he could compete in the finals. They said that it would probably be a couple of hours. Uggh. So we played with friends,

and then went home to go ahead and put Micah and Joey to bed. Then Conner and Bret went back up for the finals. Red Neck Racer didn't last very long at that point. Apparently that's how is usually is - the younger guys drop out first, and the older, more experienced kids (and dads!) win. Makes perfect sense. But the point was to have fun. And learn some stuff about tools and wood and aerodynamics and friction and paint and cars. And spend some time with dad. Mission accomplished! I'm so proud of you guys!

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