Saturday, September 11, 2010


We've known for awhile now that this day was coming. Conner's had a tooth that's been a little loose for months now. In fact, we were just talking yesterday morning about how much looser it had gotten over the past several weeks - but that it still had quite a ways to go. And besides, the kid's seven years old. He's bound to lose his first tooth the "real" way sometime, right?!

Well, after our little dicussion about that tooth, Conner had corn on the cob for lunch at school. His friend's mom who had lunch with them, and who I happened to see when I was picking him up after school, said that he ate the corn fine. But when he took a bite of his popsicle, apparently the corn had done a number on the little tooth, and the popsicle was more than he could handle. He dropped the popsicle, grabbed his mouth, and kind of freaked out. The tooth was bleeding a little, and definitely much looser than it had been before school that morning. Bless his heart, most of his friends are old pros at this by now, and even though he's lost two teeth already, he has no idea how it's really supposed to happen.

Once he realized that he was okay - he had just made an already loose tooth looser - he was fine. But now that tooth was loose enough that he could really feel it and he became very aware of it. All afternoon and evening yesterday, he wiggled and wiggled and wiggled that tooth. Occasionally he would come show me, I'd take a turn wiggling, and I could almost always tell that it was just a tiny bit looser. I thought I'd never get him to leave it alone last night long enough for him to go to sleep!

And then he woke up this morning...and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled. Every time I looked at him he was wiggling that tooth.

Bret is on a hunting trip this weekend, and we had already made plans for him to try to pull it when he gets home tomorrow afternoon. But eventually, as I was cooking dinner, Conner came running into the kitchen. "Look at it now Mom!" At this point the tooth was pretty much just hanging by a thread - loose enough that I was beginning to be concerned about the possibility of it falling out in his sleep and choking on it. I asked him if he wanted me to go ahead and pull it. But he insisted that no one was going to pull his tooth except for him. (I guess he had changed his mind about his daddy!)And then he disappeared into the bathroom...and a few minutes later I heard, "It's out! It's out! It's out! Mommy it's out!" He came running into the kitchen again, this time with the tooth in his hand. :)He said that he had been trying to push it as far back as he could, and then it felt funny. So he leaned down into the sink, and his tooth fell out of his mouth. We dug out the tooth fairy bear (that Bret's Granny gave him years ago) and tucked his little tooth safely inside. What an exciting evening!!

It's kind of funny to me how we hardly ever even think about our teeth. We brush them a couple of times a day, but other than that they don't get much attention unless they're hurting. But when babies get their first little teeth, parents get all giddy and excited. See my baby Conner with his first little tooth barely peeking out? I remember I was sooo excited for him!
But sadly (well...not completely sadly...) the babies-cutting-new-teeth phase of our lives is completely over. Joey just finished cutting his last 2-yr-old molar a few days ago...

Now we're entering a new phase of our lives that still involves cutting teeth, it's just the loosing of the old tooth that's the exciting part. Conner's a big kid now, all done with that tooth that we were so proud of, ready for his permanent ones - and we're equally excited. Where oh where has time gone?

As I'm getting ready for bed tonight, I just went to kiss that sweet little head goodnight, thankful for the excuse to look back at his baby pictures and remember what a cute, chubby, bald little head it used to be. And I saw that the tooth fairy had already come and gotten his tooth and replaced it with a dollar.

Now I'm looking forward to an exciting morning. :)

**Sunday 7:04 AM Update** The proud recipient of a new dollar bill would like to go buy some candy with it!...and he's already got Micah crying because he says he's not gonna share...and Joey's already got Conner crying because he got ahold of the note the Tooth Fairy left and has crumpled it up...

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Bonnie said...

Oh, my goodness! What a sweet picture story you've made along with your words!