Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet the Teacher at the Preschool

Last night was a big night at our house. It was Meet the Teacher at our preschool - Micah's and Joey's chance to go see their classrooms and meet their teachers and friends...and my chance to be the teacher and meet my students and their parents.

Micah and Joey were very excited. Since they have been up at the school with me working on my room, they already knew their teachers, and had already seen their classrooms. But tonight there would be other kids there! I was excited too, anxious to put some faces with some names...but even more than that I was nervous. For me it's one thing to be in a classroom full of three-year-olds, no prob. But a classroom full of the parents of the three-year-olds, who are looking me up and down, inspecting my classroom that I had worked so hard on, trying to decided if they were going to like me or not...I'm getting butterflies all over again just thinking about it.

We had to enlist some help to pull this off. I had to be in my classroom, so I was unavailable to help Bret be in two places at once with the kiddos. So mom and dad came! (Thanks again, mom and dad!) Bret went with Micah to his classroom, Mom went with Joey to his classroom, and Yogi and Conner ended up staying home and playing Mario. Everyone was happy.

The evening flew by and ended with Micah and Joey being more excited than ever, and me being relieved that it was over. :) Tuesday is our first day of class...we're all excited and can't wait!

I meant to take some pictures...but things were pretty crazy and it just didn't happen. Hopefully there's a day coming soon when it won't be too crazy to take pictures...

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