Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Girls' Day Surprise

Last week my sisters Lydia and Jodi, my brother's girlfriend Kelley, and I got an email from Mom. She wanted to take us all to get pedicures and out to lunch on today. We of course all jumped on the chance to be treated, and were excited about both spending some time with just the girls and the relatively new addition of Kelley.

So this morning we met up at Mom's house, left the Wellsbrothers with Dad and Bret, and went out on our way.

A pedicure is always a treat, and is even more fun when done with family who are also your friends. The five of us pretty much filled up the little shop in Glen Rose. Aren't our little toes cute?

(No, it wasn't intentional, but yes we all ended up with colors very similar to one another. I think we were all dreaming of fall!)

Then we were off to lunch at the Riverside Grill in Glen Rose, a historic house near the square, restored and transformed into a quaint little restaurant. There were so many good choices, and we were all having such a hard time deciding, that we ended up making a group decision to each get something different and then share. And we had a great time - the food was good (yes, we literally passed plates around, and I think everyone got a taste of everyone else's), and let's just say that "girl talk" abounded and poor Kelley may already know us all much more than she ever wanted too!While we were there, Lydia got a text from her good friend Ashley. She was in town visiting her parents, would Lydia want to stop by? Lydia explained to her that she was out with the girls, and that we might not all want to stop by, she didn't know how long Dad and Bret were planning to be watching the boys, she may have to wait until later in the day. But she mentioned it to us anyway...and after a little bit of debate, we all decided it sounded like fun.

So we finished up lunch and then were on our way to the Moody's house...where SuRpRiSe!! was a "Mommy" shower for Lydia, who is expecting her first baby in early November! It was a small gathering of family and close friends, and Lydia was showered with baby-related gifts, only they were specifically for her, not Griffin. And I think Lydia - though she is a master of surprises herself and often hard to trick - was completely surprised.

Thank you Mom for treating us to such a lovely day! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

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Lee and Michelle said...

wonderful times ;) Gotta love girl time!

Bonnie said...

You know, those were the words that just kept coming to mind (and out of my mouth, I think) all day long. "I feel so blessed!"
Love you girlie-goos!

kelleycook said...

:) I loved every moment of it!