Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conner and the Purple Crayon

Conner drew a picture in art today that was so cool, I just had to share. His teacher read Harold and the Purple Crayon to the kids, gave them each a purple crayon, and invited them to draw their own adventures.

At the top toward the right, you see Conner's house. He went for a walk to the railroad tracks (at the bottom), and when he turned around to go home, there were dragons blocking his way! So he pulled out his sword and fought them all. The squiggles and lines and dots on the dragons are all the places where Conner got them with his sword and they were bleeding. In the top left corner you see a flying shark that came in to help the dragons, but the storm cloud (who was on Conner's team), struck him with lightening. And in the top right corner you see Tarzan swinging in to help Conner. But he didn't do much good because as you can see, he's headed straight for the dragon's spikes.

Then he turned the page over for another adventure: This is a ship sailing on the Sea of Death. It's the sea of death because of all the sharks in the water (you can see their fins sticking up in the waves), the huge mean alligator (to the left of the sharks), the killer tidal waves on either side of the ship, the storm with lightning that has struck a sailor, and the dragon who is burning up the ship's sail.

What fun! I'm thinking this may have to be a do-againer, but next time with all the boys! :)

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Bonnie said...

How cool is that! That is a super-fun activity. I know his teacher was very pleased with his efforts, too. He obviously understood the assignment...and I'm thinking finished way before many of the his teacher told him to turn his paper over and draw another adventure. Don't know that for sure, but I know that's what I would have done! I want to go on another Magic Tree House adventure with him...

Lee and Michelle said...

Awsome imagination yet again! I'm thrilled to hear that it's probably normal for boys to be excited about fighting,death,war and bleeding ... Cooper is always talking about that stuff & evil growling, which is a little distrubing to me - it is reassuring to know he may not turn into a ninja or at least he'll have another friend ninja in Conner:)(how crazy the word verification for this was deade)