Thursday, September 9, 2010

Call Me a Chicken...

...or overly cautious...or just a dummy...but...

Hermine scared me.

I think actually, when the storm hit us it was "the remnants of" Tropical Storm Hermine. But it was definantly still a storm. I spent my Tuesday afternoon huddled in an inside classroom with my kids and a bunch of first graders, woke up Wednesday morning to see that the creek behind our house was about to overflow its banks, and spent the morning almost literally watching it rise. Finally when the creek was a several yards from my house on one side, a few feet from my house on another side, and actually touching it on the another side I called calfrope.

(I realize those pictures don't really look like much...but those of you who know what it usually looks like and far down that creek usually is can tell!) Hearing that the rain should let up soon, but that more was on the way during the night and the next morning, I heeded Bret's plea (he was in Oklahoma for the day), packed the boys and myself up for the night, checked Conner out of school early (there's a low spot in the road between our house and the school and we were concerned that it may become impassable and extremely difficult to get to the school to pick Conner up), and we went to spend the night at Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert's house. They live on much higher ground on the other side of town.

As I left, I felt good about my decision - on one side of us the creek was up against the neighbor's house...and on the other side of us the creek was three feet deep in the neighbor's ground floor and within inches of the road. Even though the rain was stopping, and deep inside I really knew it was going to be okay, who knew when the creek would stop rising - and what would happen if we really did get more rain. I simply was not interested in spending a sleepless night watching weather radars with a creek lapping up against my house!

As it turns out, the creek didn't rise too much more, and we heard that it actually went down pretty quickly. When we got home at about 1:00 this afternoon, I'm not sure if Bret even believed me that there had been that much water.

But there was. And I still slept well last night. Thank you Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert for letting us crash!

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Bonnie said...

crazy Texas weather!!

Jodi said...

You are ALWAYS welcome here, storm or no storm! Better safe than sorry, and I'm sure Bret slept better knowing y'all were safe, too.