Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Cousin!

After years of being the only grandkids on both sides (and spoiled r-o-t-t-e-n!), Kaleb arrived about a year and a half ago and the Wellsbrothers finally became couins.

And then awhile back, within days of one another, we found out that we're expecting more - Aggie and Uncle Kevin are expecting Kallie late October/early November, and Bubba and Uncle Chris are expecting Griffin about the same time.

And then we found out that Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert are expecting Joberto (that's the official nickname - we don't know the sex yet :) in mid March. She's 13 weeks, and has the pleasure of getting to see the baby everytime she goes to the doctor. This week was the first time that Joberto actually started resembling a human. They saw the baby hiccuping, kicking its feet over its head and sucking its thumb. Veeeeerrrrry exciting!!

So bring on the cousins! This auntie is getting pretty anxious to snuggle me some babies - and then give them back for the 2am feedings! :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

So much fun when your extended family gets more little people added to it! Congrats!

Bonnie said...