Monday, September 6, 2010

All About Conner

Conner had a big homework project to work on last week and over the long weekend. (Thank you, BooBoo and Yogi for helping him while he was at your house!) His "All About Me" book is due tomorrow. He was given a blank booklet of manilla paper, and was asked to fill it up with information about himself.

I worked on it a lot with him, but did my best to make it his - down to the subject matter on each page. And I think it shows. This little book's got a lot of personality, from great creatvity, down to a noticeable lack of attention to neatness. :) I think the purpose will be served - his class will definitely learn some things about Conner, and I hope he learned a lot in the process.
Page 1 - My nuclear family. Under each photo is the person's name and their age.Page 2: My Extended Family. Again, under each photo is the person's name and age.
Page 3: My Favorite Foods. Chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, and watermelon.Page 4: My favorite colors. Red, Green, and Black.
Page 5: My pets. "My dog's name is Chicory. He is a chocolate lab." And then there's a photo of his new fish, Phineas and Perry.Page 6: My friends. Hayden, Natalie, and Kason.
Page 7: My favorite animals. Kangaroo, dolphin, sea lion, cheetah, and hyena.
Page 8: My favorite activities. Reading and watching my fish.
Page 9: My favorite places I've been. Florida beach, Oklahoma City Zoo, and Louisiana Swamp Tour.
Page 10: My favorite places I will go someday. (Notice it's not "I want to go" or "I hope to go" - it's I will!) Paris (France), Amazon (rain forest), and China (graet wall of china).
Page 11: My favorite movies and TV shows. Phineas and Ferb, Astroboy, and Pokemon.
Page 12: My favorite video games. Mario Brothers wii, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Star Wars.
Page 13: My favorite historical architecture: Great Wall of China and Eiffel Tower.
Page 14: My favorite Magic Tree House books. High Tide in Hawaii, Afternoon on the Amazon, Dark Day in the Deep, and Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve.
Conner, you did a great job. I'm proud of you!

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Heidi said...

Great job, Conner! Your book looks awesome!