Saturday, August 14, 2010

Zing Zang Zoom!

There were all kinds of summer reading programs that we could have participated in this summer. Each one had a different type of prize, which was cool...but there were also several different ways of keeping track of how many books and/or minutes the child was reading...times three for us. Since our summer ended up being pretty crazy and overwhelming, we decided to only participate in one program.

So the library it was. The requirement was to keep track of how many minutes the boys were reading, which seemed to be pretty easy since the majority of our readng time is together (except Conner). We were even able to make it to a couple of the summer storytime programs - one of which featured a clown from the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus...where we learned that one of the prizes along the way would be a free circus ticket!

So the boys did their reading, turned in their minutes, got their certificates and free circus tickets, and then began waiting for Zing Zang Zoom! to come to Fort Worth. I was beginning the money game, trying to figure out how we were going to buy the other three tickets and all the "extras" that come along with an afternoon at the circus...and then when Gammie and Poppy found out circus tickets were a library summer reading prize, they made a little contrubution to make it possible!

Well, today was the day! Since the Fort Worth Covention Center is right next to the water gardens, we thought we'd go early enough to let the boys see them, too. They of course, were very impressed. Joey got a little excited and in his effort to put his feet on the same step in the water that his big brothers were able to reach, and ended up just plopping himself right down in the water. The whole back half of his shorts were wet, and we hadn't even started the circus yet.Oh well, we figured - at least now it won't be a big deal if he wets himself, too! :)

Our circus adventure began with the animal open house. There were tigers and zebras and elephants, but I think the boys were really the most impressed with the horses and ponies.Then we got some popcorn and lemonade and found our seats. This was our boys' first trip to the circus, and I really think they were just expecting to see clowns juggle similar to what they had seen at the library. When we walked into the arena and saw elephants painting, high wire acts, and clown magic shows going on - and this all before the real circus even began - they almost couldn't believe their eyes.

Once it began, Conner and Micah were totally into it. Conner thought the clowns were absolutely hilarious - especially when the clown on the motorcycle knocked the clown on the bicycle down. Micah was amazed by the magic tricks - his favorite was when the "bad" clown was turned into a tiger, and then when he turned into a clown again he still had a tiger tail.

There were trained horses and zebras, dog tricks, elephants, tigers, high wire acts, gymnasts flying through flaming hoops, all the normal circus stuff. And really there was so much going on that we didn't really know where to look.But Conner and Micah were wide-eyed and all smiles through the entire thing.Joey ate a little bit of popcorn with his daddy... ...then sat with his eyes covered for a little while (we're not real sure why - maybe it was just too overwhelming?)... ...then sat on the floor for a little while...and then curled up with his Coach and took a nap, wet shorts and all. :)At intermission we got some cotton candy,which happened to come with a wizard's hat.And poor Joey, he woke up just as the the goodies were gone. But thankfully, he had no idea what he had missed! :)

When we got home, the little Zing Zang Zoomers called Gammie to say thank you, and then proceeded to put on their own circus, juggling bowling pins and doing crazy dances. That just might have been my favorite part.What fun! There's nothing like taking your own little circus to the circus. Conner and Micah, we're proud of all of the reading you've been doing. Gammie and Poppy, thanks for making it possible!

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C Wells said...

how cute! i love it! (i feel like i say that everytime i comment...but its true!)
im really glad that micah's favorite parts were the gwicks :)

Bonnie said...

How very, very perfect!