Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Three - Er, I Mean Four - Musketeers

We spent this morning running some errands. In the backseat, I could hear the Wellsbrothers deciding that today they would be the three musketeers.

"Hey Mom, we're the three musketeers today. Micah is the musketeer of Speed, Josiah is the musketeer of Bravery, and I (Conner) am the musketeer of Strength. Do you want to be a musketeer, too? We can make it 'The Four Musketeers.' What do you want to be the musketeer of?"

After giving it a moment or two of thought (their "musketeernesses" were all so appropriate), I decided to girlify it a little for them and said, "I'll be the musketeer of Beauty."

A moment of silence.

"What? The musketeer of bootie??"

"No, no, beee-yoooo-tee. Like beautiful."

"Beauty??!!" Giggles...whispering...more giggles...

"Um Mom, that's not really going to work. You can be the musketeer of weather instead."

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Rachel said...

such a cute story!

Tiffany said...


kelleycook said...

Oh Rachel, that literally made me laugh out loud. :) and I think you make a great Musketeer of Beauty!

Lee and Michelle said...

funny! What does the musketeer of weather do?

Bonnie said...

That is TOO funny! I can so hear them... And you could SO muskateer Beauty! They just didn't want you to make them lose concentration on their "work". ...and if you are the muskateer of weather, may I make a request???? I'm melting!!