Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Shirt That Conner Picked

When Pam took me shopping the other day, we were crazy enough to take the Wellsbrothers and their cousin with us. The preschool that I will be teaching at is called Noah's Ark Learning Center, so each class has an animal mascot/theme. I've chosen rabbits. So we had the boys looking through the clearance racks on the off chance that they might find a tshirt with a rabbit on it, while I actually shopped.

Then, while I was in the dressing room, Conner came running to Gammie with a shirt on a hanger. "Oh Gammie, we have to show Mommy this one. I know it doesn't have a rabbit on it, but she'll love it."

On the hanger, it looked like a shirt that belonged on someone with short curly white hair, and should be paired with elastic-waisted jeans. Pam cringed and did her best to nicely explain. "But Gammie, won't her eyes look so beautiful when she wears this shirt?" He got her on that one (how could she say no?!), so they came to find me. make a long story short...after a lot of talking, a "false alarm" when we thought the shirt was missing a button (turns out "someone" had missed a button when they were buttoning it)...and then tears that the beautiful shirt was broken and I wouldn't be able to wear it...well, the shirt was the right size and 70% off so it came home with us.

So I wore it the next day, and when it was paired with bermuda khaki shorts instead of elastic-waisted jeans, it looked a little better than I had even dared to hope.

Conner was elated when he saw that I was wearing it. "I knew you'd like it, Mom. Your eyes look so pretty and blue!"
So...I'll proudly wear the shirt from time to time, just like mommies wear fruit loop necklaces and spiderman stickers. And if you see me wearing the floral Hawaiian-ish shirt that's a little different from my normal choice of clothing...well, you're allowed a little laugh inside. :)

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CB said...

That is a very special shirt! LOL! You are not looking at the camera in this picture but I am sure, as Connor was, that your eyes do look very pretty with it. How sweet that he thinks this much about how beautiful you are! If only they could stay this way forever!

Bonnie said...

What a charmer! Beautiful eyes, flowers for his teacher...knowing what a woman can't resist...Watch out!!
(btw: you DO look very beautiful in that picture, even if we can't see your eyes. ...and Conner looks proud and pleased. ALL worth it!!)

Rachel said...

so so sweet!! did you have this shirt a few sundays ago?