Monday, September 27, 2010


For just about as long as I can remember, my dad has been "digging" quarters out of my boys' ears. It's usually only once in a visit, but he nearly always finds a quarter in all six of those little ears.

All three wellsbrothers have loved this, but no one has been quite as into it as Joey. At least once a week or so, you'll randomly find him digging in his own ear, just sure that there's a quarter in there that's nearly ripe. But somehow, the quarters only seem to be ripe when Yogi's around. :) Conner is very suspicious, and half the time thinks he's got Yogi figured out...which means Micah does too...but sweet little Joey really beleives that his Yogi is truly magic.

So Yogi "checks their ears" everytime he sees them.
And it doesn't matter how close or far between the visits are, each kid always ends up with two quarters.
I'm sure BooBoo finds them on her floor after we leave half the time, and I know that some have lived in some pockets for who knows how long...but most of the quarters make it to the piggy bank. After about 18 months of saving, they were finally full, and when we dumped them out, all three boys had $20-$25...nearly all quarters. :)

Man oh man, we love that Yogi and the memories he's making!

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Lydia said...

whoa, wait. $20-25 each!?? That's crazy!! Dad's so cool!

Bonnie said...

He is a pretty special man...