Monday, August 23, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

Well, today was the last day of summer, school starts tomorrow. I start preschool tomorrow, too - I'll be up working in my room on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a couple of weeks until my school begins after Labor Day. I was feeling like we needed to let this crazy summer go out with a bang. What could a tired mommy and three crazy little boys do that was fun and exciting...and easy and cheap?

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has a great children's museum that we've been visiting often. And in front of the museum is a big fountain that the boys always ask to play in. And I always say no, maybe next time. So I decided that today would be the day. To make it even more fun, we invited the Chappotins to come with us.

When I told the Wellsbrothers about our plans, Conner was very of course Joey was too. Micah, however, was confused. "What fountains? I don't remember any fountains." I assured him that when he saw them he would remember.

Then when we walked up and I pointed them out, he said, "Oh, the geysers. Yeah, I want to play in the geysers!" :)They had a lot of fun, especially putting their shoes in the middle of the fountain, just to watch them shoot up to the top and linger there before falling. I consider the task of letting summer go out with a bang a success!

I was glad that we had taken the opportunity to play in the water this morning. I had been thinking I would take them swimming in Mrs. Debbie's pool after Joey woke up from his nap...but on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year - 108 degrees here - it was too hot to even go swimming. So instead of swimming, I did some work for my class, and we told Conner's summer mohawk goodbye.
And then we fed the boys dinner, bathed them, read to them, and had them all asleep by about 8:00. Tomorrow's a big day...goodbye Summer 2010, along with all of your craziness - but not the memories!

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Bonnie said...

not too many little guys get GEYSERS on the last day of summer--and in TEXAS, even!!

What lucky little boys...and a lucky me that I was able to enjoy so many of those days with 1 or more of the Wellsbrothers.

Thank you, God, for family and good times and the good memories that brings!

(...and Happy Birthday, Conner!)