Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Micah and Mommy

For several different reasons, I ended up with a few days of having just Conner with me this summer. And for a totally different reason, I ended up with a few days of having just Joey. Both times I tried to do something fun and make the most of the rare one-on-one time with them. Both times were really special to me - and I just couldn't bear to end the summer without having some "just Micah and Mommy" time. So we made the necessary arrangements and on Tuesday afternoon, Conner and Joey went to stay with BooBoo and Yogi. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

After we dropped his brothers off, Micah and I ran some errands. Not exactly the most fun thing ever, but when there's only one kid instead of three, they go faster and you get to do special things like pick out a candy bar at the register. One of the things we did was go to Academy so that we could find Micah some new tennis shoes for preschool. He was excited - they are really fast shoes! :)
Tuesday evening was National Night Out. It's a thing where folks are encouraged to do things to meet their neighbors, like pull their grills to the front yard and invite people over. A local apartment complex asked Christ Journey to come help them with this. We had fun - the pool was full of beach balls,and the fire department's safety program was there. The kids got to go into the "Safe House," where they got to be in a house while it filled up with "smoke," see how it rises to the ceiling, and practice crawling on the floor and out the door.
They also brought Patches, a fun little remote control robotic dog who followed the kids around and talked to them.
Wednesday was the official "Micah and Mommy Day," where we got to go and do something really special. Micah had asked to go to a new zoo - but we decided that it was really too hot for that to be much fun. The next best indoorsy thing we could come up with was the Dallas World Aquarium.

Micah was really excited, and thought it was really cool when I told him that he had been there before when he was a teeny tiny baby (about 3 months old), but probably didn't remember it because he had slept the whole time we were there. :)

The entrance to the aquarium is really cool, kind of like a jungle maze. Micah loved that part.
But then once we got inside, he was so excited and anxious to get to the next thing that he didn't really stop and actually look at anything. I kept trying to get him to, which made him mad, which was frustrating me...and that was not the point of this. So I did my best to push aside my very strong desire to get our money's worth out of the aquarium and instead we walked through the thing at his pace (finishing very quickly!), but thoroughly enjoying one another.

About the only things he stopped to look at for a few seconds were the toucan, one little tank of fish (a little one, not the big huge one that I made him let me take a picture of!), and the flamingos.
Not even the really cool walk-through shark aquarium interested him enough to actually stop and look. Soooo not what I would have guessed... See how frustrated he is with me that I made him actually slow down long enough to take a picture?Since the aquarium didn't take all day like I had anticipated, we suddenly had a whole afternoon to figure out what to do with. I gave Micah several choices, including coming up to my new classroom and working with me. (Have I mentioned that I'm a preschool teacher now? :) More on that soon!) And believe it or not, instead of swimming or a movie or some of the other fun (but not-so-different-than-usual) options, he chose to come help me in my classroom! It was a good choice - I got some work done, and Micah now had the bragging rights of being the first one up there to help me, thus making him the expert on all the toys and fun stuff in my closet. He was a good helper, a drew me lots of a pretty pictures with chalk.That afternoon, Uncle Robert had brought a cake to our house. It was for a surprise party with his church that evening for his youth intern - who happened to be his brother who has been living with him for the summer. Micah had been inspecting it, and was really disappointed when I told him that he wasn't going to be able to have a piece. So we asked Aunt Jodi if he could come church with them. So he got to go...and he got to have a piece of cake, play soccer, and play karate with Uncle Robert, John, and Maddie.The next morning was back to business - Micah came with me to a meeting and then we went to pick up Joey and Conner.

Micah Moo, I had such a fun time with you! Thanks for teaching me a new way to go through the aquarium, and for helping me with my classroom. I'll treasure these memories forever, I love you!
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C Wells said...

How cute! I think there is a slight blur around Micah in the pictures that you MADE him slow down and take a picture. How funny!!

Bonnie said...

Those spiffy new tennis shoes sure DO make you fast, Micah Moo! Glad you got to have a time with him 1-on-1, Rach. You know, we as parents are geared to think that we are supposed to be the teachers, but so often it turns out to be the other way around...