Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Conner - Welcome to the 1st Day of 1st Grade!

Today was a big day! Conner turned 7, and it was his first day of first grade.

We woke him up with a verse of "Happy Birthday," he fielded a couple of birthday phone calls...but then we had to get back to the real world of getting ready for school.

Burleson ISD is requiring the students to wear uniforms this year. It's just solid colored polos, khakis, and tennis shoes - but still, it's kind of a big deal. He picked a red polo and navy shorts for today. And then, even though we had talked about it and practiced it a little, the tucking in of the shirt gave us a little bit of trouble. I'm not real sure of the reasoning behind having to tuck the shirt in, especially for the younger kids - tucked in shirts are hardly even professional dress any more, and these younger kids hardly even know what it means to tuck in a shirt...but we're playing along and at least sending him to school that way. I have very little expectation of picking him up at the end of the day with his shirt still neatly tucked in. :) And then there was the belt...but we got him all put together and able to get himself apart and back together for bathroom breaks.

We left in what should have been plenty of time to get him, his extra school supplies (that we found out that he needed at Meet the Teacher), and birthday cupcakes to his classroom before the7:45 am tardy bell (gosh, that's early)...but traffic was much worse than we remembered it being. He ended up being late to school on the first day - which was a much bigger deal for me than it was for him. He didn't care, I'm not sure if he even really knew. But I was just horrified.

As we walked into the building, they had already begun the announcements. And they were announcing the August birthdays. This was huge - last year on Conner's birthday, school hadn't started yet. And when he realized that he wasn't going to hear his name on the announcements for his birthday he was pretty upset. So I made a special phonecall up to the office to find out if they would do a special summer birthday announcement, and when. But wouldn't you know it, on the day that his name was announced, his teacher said that he talked through all of the annoucements, and missed it...and then cried and moped around the rest of the day. But thankfully, I was able to make sure that he was listening, and he had just sat down when they called his name. Whew!

Then Conner got started with his papers,

Bret went to work, and the little brothers and I headed to my classroom to do some work. After a very frustrating experience with a cheap stapler and a bulletin board, we were happy to leave a little early to go eat lunch with Conner! Us eating lunch at school with Conner is probably even more exciting for Micah and Joey than it is for Conner, so it's always fun. Conner got to pick one person - anyone from the entire 1st grade to sit with him. I almost laughed out loud when he sat down with the girl that he "didn't like," that he was "not happy" about being in his class. :) Isn't she cute?

Then before we knew it, school was over, Conner was home (he said everyone being dressed alike made it hard to find his friends at recess! :), the afternoon was over (but not without a surprise visit and gift - a Field Guide to Insects!! - from sweet Mrs. Debbie), and it was dinnertime. Chicken fettuccini alfredo - one of Conner's favorites!, and since he had told me on Saturday that he actually doesn't really like birthday cake that much, birthday cheesecake with blackberries for dessert.Then he opened presents - a desk lamp that he was very excited about putting on his homework table,several Star Wars toys (look how excited Bret is that Conner is so excited about those!),and a little thing for Joey and Micah, too.Connerbug, I still just can't believe that you're seven years old and in first grade. I don't know what happened to my sweet little chubby-cheeked smiling baby...but I'm so proud of the kid you are now and the man you are becoming. I'm very thankful that I was blessed to be your mom.

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Bonnie said...

Nice pictures to capture the day! He is quite the little man.
This BooBoo's not believin' the 7 years either, though!

Lee and Michelle said...

what a fun day! I know, I'm always horrified when I'm late too ;)What a great kid Conner is!

Rachel said...

happy birthday conner!!! it sounds like he had a busy fun-filled day!!