Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hanging Out and Shopping with Gammie

I got a job a few weeks ago. I'll be teaching preschool (three-year-olds) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the little Mother's Day Out program that my kids have been going to. I'm really excited...but that's not what this post is about. (I'm sure I'll write more about it soon!) But it is an important detail.

This post is about our trip to Gammie and Poppy's, and my awesome mother-in-law Pam.

I don't know what we've done this summer, but somehow it almost got away from us without a good trip to Gammie and Poppy's. We've been, we've seen them, but we haven't all been there for several days just to hang out.

So for several weeks now we had been planning to spend the first part of this week with them. And then when Pam found out that I got this job, she decided that I needed to go shopping. I don't have to dress particularly nice to teach preschool, and it's only a couple of days a week...but she decided that what clothes I do have are pretty tired and worn out, and this was the perfect excuse to get some clothes for myself. (I've gotten plenty of clothes over the past several years...but pretty much all of the big clothes shopping trips for me have centered around maternity clothes, and thankfully I'm not the one needing those right now!)

Wow, what a treat!

So we went to Gammie's and did the normal stuff: played with Kaleb (he stays with her during the day while Aggie and Uncle Kevin are at work),played hide and seek in the pantry,looked at Poppy's fish (we didn't get to play with him much this trip because he wasn't feeling very well), played "soccer" in the hall,

took a nap or two in random places,

and just plain ol' played.

This trip also had some crossword puzzles with Aggie,a fascination with Kaleb's training potty and basket of books (I guess since Joey's frog potty has "mysteriously" disappeared),

and a bunch of wii with Uncle Kevin.

While the boys were busy doing all of this, I got to shut myself in a room and work on some lesson plans - I'm actually done with September! That was a huge weight off my shoulders!

And on Tuesday, we spent all afternoon shopping. We were brave - Pam and I loaded up Conner, Micah, Joey, and potty-training-16-month-old-Kaleb and hit the town...and six hours, several Diet Cokes, and about, literally, eight potty stops later (not to mention the time Joey didn't make it to the potty in time and needed new clothes, and the time Kaleb poured his tea all over himself and needed new clothes), I had some new jeans, khakis, shirts, shoes, and some *ahem* nice new undergarments to replace the old-wornout-very-mommyish-I-think-poor-Bret's-mama-was-feeling-a-little-bad-for-him-from-what-she-had-seen-going-through-the-laundry-when-we've-come-to-visit-lately. :) And we got fabric for her to make me some cute new curtains for my classroom. The boys were none the worse for the wear - they got to play at the Chick-fil-a playground, eat ice cream, get new toys at Kohl's, play at the mall playground, and eat dippin' dots. It was poor Gammie that I think we had worn out!

When made it back home, Poppy and Kevin were so very sweet to have dinner ready for us! We finished off our trip with some more playing and a little more lesson planning.

Thank you, Pam and Eddie for getting me all fixed up in so many ways!! With all of that, along with a bunch of stuff for my classroom from my mom, and some curriculum files from a friend, I'm feeling all set up and ready to go. Bring on Mrs. Rachel's Rabbits! :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

How fun! Hope it's a great year of teaching for you!

Gammie said...

Awww! How sweet:) Thank you! But...this was about you.
You deserve the shopping trip! You always make sure Bret and the boys have everything they need and put your own wants/needs off. Well... it was my pleasure to try and spoil you a little. Oh and ... we must thank Conner bug for he "beautiful" find ;)

who knew 4 little boys could poop so much in one afternoon :)

Curtains will go out in the mail Monday morning.

We had a great time. Lovehugsandkissesseeyanextweekend,Muah!me

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a great trip. Thank you, Pam, from me, too. Glad you're feeling so prepared Rachel. I know you'll do great!