Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conner's King - I Mean DONKEY Kong Birthday

We celebrated Conner's birthday with my family today. Nothing big or out of the ordinary - everyone just came over to Mom's and Dad's to hang out, eat hamburgers and hot dogs and grilled bacon-jalapeno-cream cheese-dove and birthday cake. But those are still special times and we have tons of fun!

The boys played in the waterpark. It was probably the last time to get that out until next summer. They had a good time - and played really hard - for the first few minutes it was out. Then Micah got mad about something and Conner wouldn't stop picking on him and Joey got cold (yes, cold in August - there was a wonderfully nice breeze this afternoon!)...and the waterpark fun didn't last much longer after that.

Here's the funny about the cake - a couple of weeks ago when we asked him what kind of cake he wanted at BooBoo's, Conner said King Kong. I didn't have any idea where this had come from, and wasn't even sure if he knew who/what King Kong was. "Yeah I know who he is. He's a big ol' gorilla!" That sounded like about all I knew about him, too! So BooBoo ordered a King Kong cake. But then last night when she called to make sure it was ready, she realized that she had ordered Donkey Kong instead of King Kong. :) They're both gorillas, and Conner loves Mario World so it turned out fine. We just got a lot of laughs from it!The "Happy Birthday" song lasted longer that usual. Yogi went on and on with "...and Frankenstein on Channel 9" stuff, and Conner was getting impatient for the song to stop so he could blow out the candles...which of course just made Yogi go on even longer. But then Conner again let his brothers help him blow out his candles. He's been so sweet to share those candles this year! Conner got lots of cool stuff, and he was very, very, very excited (and loud!) about everything he got. And of course, Micah and Josiah got a couple of little things, too.
Happy birthday, Conner! Thanks everyone for all of his goodies! (And I'm glad it's officially over! :)

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Bonnie said...

cute, cute pictures!! Thanks for recording the event in that way.