Sunday, August 8, 2010

Church Planter Retreat '10

The church planting organization that we are a part of, Mission Alive, has an annual church planters' retreat. It's a time for many of the Mission Alive church planters to get together to enjoy a weekend with one another and their families.

We had fun last year, and were privileged to get to go again this year!

The retreat began on Thursday afternoon, but we weren't able to be there until the next morning - at 7:30 am. (Yes, that's early - we left the house at 5:08 am!) We hadn't seen Bret in two weeks, so he drove in from Oklahoma and we met at the retreat center on Lake Texoma. It was a happy reunion...followed by a bit of a whirlwind of catching up with old friends and getting into the swing of the retreat schedule that everyone else was already on.

The boys immediately remembered the place from last year. And were they excited about the lake or the beautfiul view?

No, of course not. They were excited about the stairs in the hotel. And everytime that we went up or down (several times during the day), they wanted to slide down on their bellies. And since we were kind of on vacation, we actually let them - unless it was early in the morning or late at night, because if you're sliding down the stairs on your belly, you simply have to make a lot of noise while you're doing it.Dr. Elaine Heath, an SMU professor (who happens to be working with Bret on his doctoral project), and author of several books, spent Saturday with us, talking about the Prayer of Examen. The Prayer of Examen is something that I had heard of, but really had no idea what it was or how to use it. After spending a day learning and practicing it though, I feel like it's a pretty useful tool and practice, one that I can't wait to use.

In the afternoon, we had a pretty big chunk of free time. After we all took naps, we spent a little while swimming in the lake.
After spending a day at the beach in Granbury earlier in the summer, the Wellsbrothers felt like they were beach experts. Joey remembered how to play sand monster, Micah and Daddy came up with a fun "pull me through the water" game,and Conner found some kind of cork ball (yes, someone else's trash, gross) that he had a fun time playing with.Then we ate dinner and had a little family devotional (complete with a game involving blindfolds - which Joey loved).The next day was a little more relaxed. We spent some time practicing the Prayer of Examen, ate lunch, prayed over one another, and then went on our ways. It was a good weekend, and I'm glad we got to go! I'm hoping to start using the Prayer of Examen some, maybe I'll even write a little more about it soon...

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Lee and Michelle said...

looks like fun fun times! My kids love stairs too, funny until one falls down them and then they want to do it again and again and of course we let them ...