Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Safety Calendar Contest

My dad works for Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose. His company's safety committee has an art contest for kids each year, where they submit original artwork depicting a safety rule. The winners get a page in the calendar.

Pretty much any relative of the employee is eligible to enter, so Conner and Micah entered this year. Their artwork and rules were not your norm. (Of course! Would you expect "normal" from a Wellsbrother?!) But I thought they were pretty cute. Conner submitted this:

("Make sure to bring a backpack when you climb Mt. Everest." And the labels say, "ledge," "fruit bar," and "bad hair day."

and Micah submitted this:

I was so proud of their creativity! :) Neither of them got a page in the calendar, but they both received honorable mention - which was a prize of a $10 WalMart gift card! (And Joey's generous BooBoo and Yogi gave him a special gift card to use, too - since he actually stayed out of his brothers' way long enough for them to make something.) So we went shopping last night and came home with a basketball goal, a bubble wand, two mini video games, and two playdoh sets. Hopefully they'll stay busy today and there won't be too much fighting.

Thanks, Yogi and BooBoo! We can't wait to try again next year!

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Gammie said...

Love the artwork! Such talent and creativity! I am always amazed:)
Great job guys! Joey-what a sweet little brother you are!

Bonnie said...

fun stuff! I'll bet those boys' ideas weren't duplicated! I think your dad enjoyed every minute of it, too!

C Wells said...

I will keep their advice in mind next time I'm tempted to jump on a TV and climb Mt. Everest.