Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Joey and Mommy

The big brothers have been in Illinois with Yogi and BooBoo, so it's been just me and Joey (and Daddy for a few days) around here. It's kind of nice to be down to just one kid. After being used to all three crazies at the same time, just one almost feels like none! Besides some extra one-on-one time and cuddles, Joey and I have gotten to some pretty fun stuff.

After we dropped Conner and Micah off, we hung around BooBoo and Yogi's house to play with the kitties,

eat lunch and take a nap. And before we left, we made sure to go out and pick the couple of peaches that Yogi had been saving for us. Man, were we glad we did. They were great!

One day we went to the Splashpads with friends,and another day we went to the museum with friends. I tried to take a picture of us at the 3D movie with my phone. But my phone doesn't really like half-lit rooms. It made for a kind of cool picture though! Speaking of friends, Friday night Daddy came home and Joey got to go stay at Ian and Hudson's house for a few hours while me and Daddy got to go on a real date! (We'd been saving up for awhile to do something nice and ended up at The Melting Pot. It was wonderful. After months of only seeing each other on the weekends, it was nice to have a great sit-down dinner that took a long time to eat.)

We also got to take care of Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie's plants, pool, and pets while they were on their vacation. Joey really liked to feed Jack and Sunshine, and never missed a chance to sit on Mrs. Debbie's kid-sized front porch swing.And don't you know we swam a lot?!Joey had been asking to go to a playground, so while Bret was here we took him to Chickfil-a. And then we got to go to Yogi and BooBoo's to take care of their garden and animals while they were gone. The eggs hadn't been gathered in a couple of days - Joey was very excited to find 29 of them! There was a lot of okra that needed to be picked, too. And it was hot. Joey and Daddy took good care of me thought. A nice refreshing glass of iced water was exactly what I needed! JoJo, thanks for haning out with me! You might be a handful a lot of the time, but I also think you're a pretty aweseome little dude. I love you!

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