Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Conner and Mommy

Bret's being gone all week every week for the last several months has gotten really old. And I'm really tired. And behind on a lot of things. So I thought I'd send the Wellsbrothers to Gammie and Poppys's for a few days so that I could get some rest and get caught up on a few things.

I made the necessary arrangments and then broke the news to the boys. They were, of course, thrilled...except for Conner. He looked at me with tears in his eyes, "But I really want to spend a week with just you, Mom. I miss you. You're supposed to get to spend more time with your family in the summer and I don't think I've gotten to spend more time with you at all."

The kid knows how to wrench a mom's heart, doesn't he?! How can you say no to that? So I told him he could stay with me, and we'd send Micah and Joey to Gammie's.

But then Micah heard that Conner was getting a "just Conner and Mommy" week, and so he wanted a "just Micah and Gammie" - little cousin Kalebs would be okay, but NO little brother Joeys allowed. Good grief.

So I made a few more phone calls, and arranged for Joey to stay with Mom and Dad. The week to myself had turned into taxi-ing kids around and quite a little to-do list with Conner. But oh my goodness, my little 1st grader still wants my undivided attention so much that it brings him to tears. No way I'm missing out on that!

First on the list - school shopping. Not exactly what Conner had in mind, but I had to jump on the chance to do it without the little brothers tagging along, and we decided that it would be best to just get it all out of the way. Burleson elementaries are going to uniforms this year, so....several hours, a Diet Coke, a package of mini oreos, a bag of white chocolate fudge covered pretzels, and five stores laters we had three pairs of shorts, three pairs of pants (that fit - quite an accomplishment for this "poor" skinny kid!), five plain short-sleeved polos, five plain long-sleeved polos, a Batman backpack and lunchbox, and a bonus Phineas and Ferb tshirt. I've been doing at least one load of laundry pretty much every night for several years now, so I'm thinking that should be enough. We'll see...

The next day we chilled at home. I did some of the work that I was so desperately needing to get caught up on, and Conner thought he was in heaven because I let him play Mario pretty much as long as he wanted to - and there were no little brothers getting in the way.

Then today was the highlight of the week - just Conner and Mommy at the museum, Smashburger for dinner, and Braum's for dessert. Ever since we had gotten a little sampling of the Da Vinci exhibit at the museum awhile back, and Conner got to dissect a chicken like Leonardo, we've been saying that Conner needs to get to have some one-on-one time with one of us there since he's been so interested in Leonardo.

It was worth the wait and the build-up! We wrote like Leo in backwards code, investigated many of his simple machines and inventions, we played with gears and made coffee filters fly and built bridges. We made tornados, watched the 3d Energy Blast movie, even got to build something with the blocks without anyone knocking it over.We did it all, and had a blast. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if there was a Da Vinci movie at the Omni. But there wasn't. So we settled on the Vincent Van Gogh, who just happens to be another one of Conner's favorite historical greats.We were a little disappointed that they didn't showcase Starry Night any more than they did - but thought it was really cool when we learned that Van Gogh was once a preacher, and he later cut part of his own ear off. :)

And then, as we were wrapping up our perfect day at the museum, we stepped out...into the rain. And we didn't have an umbrella. And the van was about a block away. Ummm....we got wet. :)
But it was okay - our Smashburgers warmed us up, and our ice cream warmed our hearts. And then we got to go home and cuddle in my bed. Tomorrow the little brothers come home. What a great, great couple of days. Sweet Conner, thank you for asking to have a couple of days with me. I will treasure these memories forever!
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Bonnie said...

That little guy CAN melt your heart...Love the little dude...(and you!)

Lee and Michelle said...

AWSOME times! These little guys have the best idea's that mom's sometimes overlook!