Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family, Fireworks, and a Birthday

Last-minute Fourth of July Family Get-Together!

We watched the boys play in Yogi and BooBoo's new waterpark, and ate hamburgers and fried catfish (or as Joey said, "yummy goldfish"). Mom's birthday is in a couple of days on the 6th, so we of course had a cake for her and a couple of gifts! And then of course, fireworks!Joey kind of surprised me - as much as he is into fire, he apparently is not into fireworks. Luckily he's got a great Uncle Bubba who didn't mind go in with him...where they watched "real" fireworks on tv. :)It was a fun evening, definitely a thumbs-up!
And I just can't not share this picure - don't Mom and Dad look great? I pray that Bret and I are that happy after almost 33 years of marriage!
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Bonnie said...

Great pictures...(even if I am part of them).
It was a fun evening.