Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Night Date Night

Tonight is Date Night. But again, it will be a little bit different from the norm. Normally we protect our Monday Nights, and if that means missing out on something, okay. But, we've got some special circumstances this week: Conner is at Yogi's and BooBoo's for a few days of being an only child, and I have the opportunity to go to a special evening just for mothers of preschoolers with some old friends. Also, Bret and I got to spend an entire 24 hours together without the kiddos this week. (Granted, it was in a parking lot -- but that also meant that we were without the normal distractions of internet and television.)

So...we are counting our Chick-fil-A experience as date night this week. I am going to go to Motherly Love, and Bret is going to have "date night" with Micah and Joey and do a little something special with just them. We think that taking advantage of some opportunities like this and "dating" your children is just almost as important as dating your spouse!

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