Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Memories

Conner has gotten a few freckles this summer. He wanted me to take a picture. He's also, with the help of his daddy, learned to do backflips in the pool.
'Sup yo?
Sleeping sweet.
Monkey bars! Eggs!
Micah has recently discovered watercolor paints. They are very exciting.
Swimmin' away!

And now swingin' away.
Okay, so there's a girl standing directly behind Conner. You can't see her, except for her blonde hair -- which makes it look like Conner has quite a mullet! :)
Oh, that Micah.
Josiah loves markers.
We made some delicious cookies for our neighbors the other day...and of course we ate some of them, too.
And another day we invited and prayed for some of our neighbors.
Joey loves dot dot markers, too...
Oh, that Conner.

All three boys colored a poster together the other day. We had a lot of fun with that.
See? Joey can be sweet sometimes...
And, my favorite. The quotes:
Conner: "Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird...And if that dimond ring don't shine, Mama's gonna buy you a glob of slime."

Micah: "In my nose, there's little guys that shoot out boogers."
Joey has been calling Spiderman "Spidey." That's right. He has a consistent name for a superhero before he has one for either of his big brothers...

Conner: "I always make sure Jesus is with me when I go into Pokemon battle."

Conner, as he was waking me up one morning: "Wow, Mom. Today must be one of those bad hair days."

Micah, sitting on the floor in the kitchen, obviously very concerned about something: "Mom, there's something throwing my tummy."
"What? There's something throwing your tummy?"
"Yeah. There's something throwing my tummy."
As I sat there pondering what in the world he might mean by that, I realized that he had the hiccups. "Baby," I said, "You have the hiccups." Then I waited for another one and said, "See? Was that what's throwing your tummy?"
"Yeah. That's a hiccup?!"
"Yes baby, that's a hiccup."
Poor kid, I guess he never remembers having the hiccups before, and as I think about it, I don't know that I can remember him having the hiccups much either...

Micah, after a rain: "But mom, I think we CAN go to the park. I think there was a giant grown-up with a giant umbrella and the park can't get wet."
Joey, when proud of something he's done: "Ta-da!"
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Lee and Michelle said...

Your boys have the funniest view's of life!

BooBoo said...

hard to believe it's the end of another month...lovely times, lovely memories!

Lydia said...

i love your kids - and YOU!